Going on a run? Lose your keys? The RPS-Touch is the safest way to add true, keyless entry to your vehicle. Simple press down the red button to secure your vehicle and lock your doors. You can unlock your doors by entering a secret, 4-digit pin.


Add premium convenience to your vehicle without compromising its safety and security.

When you add the FT-RPS TOUCH to your Compustar Security System, you'll experience a whole new level of innovation and convenience.


Perfectly secure, the RPS-TOUCH gives you the ability to arm your vehicle without a key, simply by holding down the red button on the touch pad. To disarm the security system and unlock your doors, enter in your secret pin-code, which you can regularly update.


A secondary feature of the RPS-TOUCH is the ability to page a 2-way remote whenever you press a command on the RPS-TOUCH pad.

RPS Touch Video Demo

EZ-GO Hands-Free Keyless Entry

FT-EZ GO unlocks and locks your doors automatically when you walk up to or away from your car!


Add EZ-GO to any Compustar PRO or PRIME series remote starter to add premium convenience to your vehicle.


FT-EZ GO is the revolutionary accessory for your remote start and security system! EZ GO is a small 1" remote transmitter that uses RFID technology to unlock your vehicle when you are within 5 feet of the vehicle.

When connected to a Compustar remote start + security combo system, FT-EZ GO will also arm your alarm, keeping your car secure!



The EZ GO remote also has a manual lock-unlock button that gives you full convenience and access to your vehicle.

Seat Warmers

Experience the gentle, therapeutic warmth of a Rostra ComfortHeat automotive carbon fiber seat heating system with dual-zone heating for soothing lower back pain and adding car seat comfort that works with cloth or leather vehicle seats. The therapeutic seat heater is fast-heating providing warmth in less than a minute.

DAS Security Sensor

If you have a manual-transmission vehicle, and you remote start your car while it is in gear, the DAS will detect any forward motion and will safely halt the engine, preventing any forward movement.

The built-in accellerometer acts as a protective measure when adding a remote starter to a manual-transmission vehicle. If the DAS senses any forward motion when remote starting, the DAS will immediately shut off the engine, halting the vehicle.

"I opened Speed of Sound in 1991.  We specialized in car audio, security systems and remote car starters.  In 1994, we started to service multiple car dealers on the NH seacoast.  I have built a reputation through my customers by doing top quality work at a fair price.  Customer service is the most important part of my business."

Chris Jones, CEO